Luna Station Quarterly is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by emerging women authors.
Now in our 8th year!

Christina “DZA” Marie

Christina “DZA” Marie started her blog “Dragons, Zombies & Aliens” while in college, around the same time she started writing short stories. She’s since added a YouTube channel of the same name, as well as several short stories and novellas to her writing list. Fun fact: Luna Station Quarterly is where she first got published!

“DZA” reviews books, movies, and TV shows in the speculative fiction genres (for the uninitiated, that’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, superhero, supernatural, paranormal, etc). Christina regularly guest blogs for “Grimdark Magazine” and does her best to write and promote stories that include diverse, rarely-heard voices.

For her “real” job (re: the one that pays the bills), Christina is a community support staff with Dungarvin, an organization that works with people with mental and/or physical disabilities in employment and everyday living. So, basically she’s a PCA plus job coach.

For her fun job, she’s a writer for the post-apocalyptic sci-fi graphic novel series “Earth’s Final Chapter” from Endless Ink Publishing. Currently she’s working on self-publishing a fantasy graphic novel series inspired by her Dungeons and Dragons adventures.