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The Mothers and Motherboards: Disembodied Parenting in Becky Chambers’ A Closed and Common Orbit

by Tracy Townsend

My six-year-old daughter’s idea of a good night starts in her bed and ends with sneaking into mine. Both my children have been consummate bed-invaders, going back to their first forays parkouring out of the crib. They’re cuddlers. They long for physical presences around them, prone to sudden, deep pangs of loneliness. They’re also graduates […]

The Cave, Rey, and the Self-Made Heroine*

by Tracy Townsend

(*contains multiple spoilers for The Last Jedi) For a certain sort of fan, no return to the Star Wars cinematic universe could satisfy expectations. Their perfect text would have to be a recognizable cog in the larger Lucas-founded universe, narratively indebted to its predecessors and moving smoothly within it. And yet, it would also need […]