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Ode to the Indies

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

I had the pleasure of visiting Oblong Books yesterday and was reminded again how amazing our thriving indie bookstores are these days. Barnes & Noble might technically have a larger selection, but honestly, I’ll take smaller, but better, any day. Note that the big “A” online store shall not be named in this essay. Many […]

A peek behind the curtain…

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

I thought I would write a bit of a helpful thing this time around, something any aspiring publishers might find useful and that our readers might just find kinda neat. As you might imagine, it takes an array of tools and knowledge to run a magazine successfully. It always makes me sad to hear about […]

Daring Wisdom

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

I have an affinity for what I like to call “Wisdom books.” These are not the volumes that show up when you search for such a thing. Google that term and you’ll run into Siddhartha and sections of the Christian bible. No, I’m talking about the books that were put together to teach young people […]

Just one tale…

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Terai looked at him strangely. “You are an odd man,” she remarked at last. “I am a crow,” Nawat said without thinking. I read Nawat by Tamora Pierce late one night, in the wee hours. I had napped earlier in the evening and between that earlier sleep and the meds I was taking to rid […]