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Who Was Cele Goldsmith?

by Beth McCabe

I sat down at my laptop to write about women authors. Then I found a foremother lurking in the background. Like most of my contemporaries, I cut my speculative teeth on male authors. I still feel grateful to Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick (“Mountains, Bruce, mountains…”) for making me feel perhaps the world was […]

Location, Location, Location

by Beth McCabe

“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” — Carl Sagan Last month I started writing about planning a realistic space colony as a setting for a story. I still find myself obsessed with this inquiry instead of getting down to making the story. Procrastinate much? Moi? In that post […]

Breakfast Anywhere

by Beth McCabe

It’s difficult enough to choose a setting for a realistic story. The place you grew up? Went to college? Vacationed? The first home you chose as an adult? When you’re writing fantasy you can make your world whatever and wherever you want it to be, but then you need to color in the outlines and […]

A Woman’s Roll


My daughter Mikah has Dungeons and Dragons in her DNA. On Valentine’s Day, 1980, an elf named Terra Coriander met a cleric called Hwong (“high in wisdom, low in intelligence”). A few years later their corporeal bodies, aka my husband Kevin and I, spawned our very own future Dungeon Master. Mikah shared some thoughts about […]

Chrono/Logically Speaking

by Beth McCabe

On my virtual shelf is a piece about a series of women sequentially married to the same man. For my time travel joke to work, they all have to meet up and divorce him at the same time. But how can you divorce someone you haven’t married yet? Maybe someday I’ll figure that one out. […]