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6 Tips to Get Published, Plus Thanks and Farewell, LSQ

by Tory Hoke

It is with sadness that I must report I’m leaving this post at Luna Station Quarterly. I’m taking on new commitments and I must reconfigure the old ones. In August 2013, LSQ became the first market to publish a work of my fiction – the short story “Shaka Bars.” This much-needed acceptance gave me the […]

3 Animators To Explode Your Brain Right Now

by Tory Hoke

You work hard. You show kindness. You pay your taxes. You just remembered you have to pay your taxes. You deserve to meet three animators that will explode your brain. There are no fluffy 3D clouds or meet-cute plots here. But there are unforgettable images and squealing rapture. Time Consumption Advisory: these artists’ work is […]

Spring 2015 Cartoon Preview

by Tory Hoke

This year’s animated lineup is out of control. There is no controlling it. Don’t try. You will hurt yourself. There are two Disney/Pixar movies coming out this year: INSIDE OUT (June 19) and THE GOOD DINOSAUR (Nov 25). TWO PIXAR MOVIES IN ONE YEAR. But there’s still time to find a paper bag to breathe […]

Drawn in Drag: Examining Male Voice Actors Cast in Female Roles

by Tory Hoke

Sometimes animation is sort of like SNL in the early 90s–it assumes men dressed as women are funnier than actual women. I’m not saying Cross-Dressing Voices is always men-as-women. Where would animated boy roles be without June Foray, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Christine Cavanaugh, E. G. Daily, Laura Torres, Tara Strong, and Cree Summer? Not every show dares to […]

The Bechdel Test Revisited: Women in a Hero’s Journey

by Tory Hoke

Alison Bechdel’s famous test–one canny gag in an indie comic strip from 1985–has been embraced by entertainment critics, theorists, and journalists as the gold standard for determining whether a film has, as Feminist Frequency describes in its excellent primer, “significant female presence.” Three obvious reasons why: It’s dead simple. It quantifies the vague. It hilariously […]