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Who is Science Fiction For?

by Elora Powell

Last month, in this very same column, we talked about speculative fiction generally, and science fiction particularly, in terms of their place on the literary fiction/genre fiction spectrum. I concluded that while it may be perfectly accurate to consider science fiction “genre fiction”, we are entering an era in which media does not have to […]

Who Are the Bad Guys? Reflections on Dystopia

by Elora Powell

Dystopian civilizations have been on the brain lately. Don’t know why . . . Hmmm. Couldn’t tell you. I’ve been thinking about how, in the books we read and the movies we watch, it’s always pretty easy to pick out who the bad guys are right away. And it’s pretty easy for people to agree […]

Some Thoughts on Character Death

by Elora Powell

This post is a little bit of a deviation from my usual, speculative fare. Characters die in all kinds of fiction; but I think that this reflection still fits with the mood of this column. Don’t worry. There will be one point later on that usually only pops up in some form of speculative fiction. […]

The Sea Below and the Sky Above – The Quest to Find Other Sentient Beings

by Elora Powell

We’ve talked before about how mankind looks for fellow sentient, intelligent creatures among the stars. Some think it’s plausible, some think it’s ridiculous. Whatever you think about SETI and real-world theories about alien lifeforms, it’s nearly impossible to deny that alien encounters can make for really interesting pieces of fiction. Science fiction doesn’t stop its […]