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Safety in Half-Truths

by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

Every memoir writer knows that if and when our story gets read, the reliability of our truths will be called into question—be it by family members who contest our version, or by engaged and disbelieving readers. But the truth of any story is always the truth of the writer. By using fairy tales, this fiction-nature […]

Mythic Memoir – October 2014

by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

The problem with autobiography is that it is asymptotic: the writer may come as close as possible to telling a complete story, but the truth itself is untouchable simply because the living writer knows neither the end, nor the themes that will become apparent once the end has transpired. One person’s full autobiography may only […]

Myth as Container

by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

For so many writers of life stories, the container is the hardest part. Where to start? Where to end? Our lives are too big, if they are any good, to be contained in a box of a story. Furthermore, if we are alive to tell it, we can assume that the lives are still going […]


by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

But, you might ask: how to begin? Sure, these ideas on wiring blocks of writing into mythic structures is nice and all, but how to get those blocks of writing out on the chopping table in the first place? My best answer is the free-write. Use it as the building block for all stories, real […]