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Ordinary Kids or Special Snowflakes?

by Alexa Wilson Kelly

In the past few years, I’ve noticed increasing criticism lodged against one particular character trope: the chosen one. Sometimes referred to scathingly as “special snowflakes,” these characters usually don’t have individual merit (or, in some cases, very well-developed personalities), but rather a Grand, Prophetic Destiny, which positions them—often through the endowment of unique or extraordinarily […]

Review: Moxie; Amelia Westlake

by Alexa Wilson Kelly

These days, girl power is ruling the market for children’s literature—and given the current sociopolitical climate, it’s not hard to see why. Between the legacy of the Women’s March (which has itself been the subject of a picture book) and the ongoing discomfort and uncertainty that comes with being a woman in Trump’s America, it’s […]

Review: Dread Nation

by Alexa Wilson Kelly

When it comes to not judging a book by its cover, I’m generally pretty good. So when Balzer + Bray released the cover of Justina Ireland’s novel Dread Nation last June, I was glad there’s no rule about having RIDICULOUSLY HIGH EXPECTATIONS based on a cover. With its gorgeous young model, confidently posed by an […]

Review: Kaleidoscope Song

by Alexa Wilson Kelly

Welcome to On Beyond Katniss, a column exclusively for the heroic young women of YA who face incredible odds, shatter expectations, and bring something new to a genre that’s already overflowing with amazing female characters. Every once in a while, I’ll read or see something that infuriates me so much it leaves an indelible impression. […]