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Trademarks and Book Titles

by Jacqui Lipton

A number of readers may have seen the recent furor in the romance publishing sector after author Faleena Hopkins obtained a trademark registration for the word “Cocky” as applied to her book series involving the exploits of the Cocker brothers. Her titles include “Cocky Biker” and “Cocky Cowboy” to name a few. Once she obtained […]

So you want to make a book trailer …?

by Jacqui Lipton

I know that title probably makes you think I’m going to tell you all the techie secrets for how to actually MAKE a book trailer … PSYCH! Sorry about that. No, I’m going to talk about some of the legal pitfalls you might encounter (but hopefully not) in relation to clearing intellectual property rights you […]

Contracts with Agents and Publishers

by Jacqui Lipton

One question that’s come up a lot lately for me involves writers not being sure if they have a contract in place with an agent or publisher, particularly where the contract is not in writing. Starting (*ahem*) with my usual disclaimer as always: Nothing written here is intended as formal legal advice and folks who […]

Assigning and Licensing Your Copyrights

by Jacqui Lipton

What’s the difference between assigning your copyright and licensing it? While they sound like they might mean the same thing, they’re actually quite different legally speaking. And before I go on, my usual disclaimer applies: Nothing written here is intended as formal legal advice and folks who need help with particular issues should consult an […]

Copyright versus Plagiarism

by Jacqui Lipton

This month I wanted to talk about an issue that often trips writers up: the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism. In many cases, the same situation could raise both copyright and plagiarism concerns: for example, if someone copies your work and takes credit for it, that person has both infringed your copyright and plagiarized […]

On The Books: Writing About Real People

by Jacqui Lipton

This month I wanted to talk a little bit about incorporating real people, or a character who is a pastiche of multiple real people, into your work. This is a question often faced by writers of memoir and historical fiction in particular, but many other writers will wonder at some point in some project or […]