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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of November 18, 2018

by Jen Gheller

Despite all the eating and shopping and general merrymaking of the week, it’s been business as usual here on the blog. Here’s what went down: On Sunday, our very own blog manager Anna O’Brien spent the weekend celebrating Margaret Atwood’s birthday; On Monday, Calee Jordan admitted her addiction to fairy tale retellings in her column […]

Who Was Cele Goldsmith?

by Beth McCabe

I sat down at my laptop to write about women authors. Then I found a foremother lurking in the background. Like most of my contemporaries, I cut my speculative teeth on male authors. I still feel grateful to Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick (“Mountains, Bruce, mountains…”) for making me feel perhaps the world was […]

“[T]o Be Beautiful and Awesome and Butt-Kicking”: G. Willow Wilson

by Erin K. Wagner

The first issue of Marvel’s acclaimed new Ms. Marvel comic series is entitled Metamorphosis. And it’s appropriate—both to the ever-changing Kamala Khan (our new Ms. Marvel) and to the role of the series in changing and revamping Marvel’s brand as a more inclusive and gender-diffuse representation of the superhero landscape. (Though this transformation is far […]