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The Life of an Adventurer

by Jen Gheller

It’s always a treat when you find something you feel was made for you. Not so much in a creepy, people-shaped hole in the side of a mountain way, but more like the creator of the thing peeked into your mind and made it based on what they saw there. I briefly mentioned this experience […]

Writing Tasks in the New Year

by A. Francis Raymond

Can you believe we’re already a month into the new year? Like so many people, there’s a good chance you’ve recently reflected on the past year and made some resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. As writers, there’s a good chance writing is one of the things you evaluated heavily. We regret all the […]

A World Without Sex: Politics without the Pussy-Grabbing

by D. M. Domosea

In this month’s column, we apply our thought experiment to the ever-contentious topic of politics and consider how women might participate in government in a society unburdened by sexual politics. Worldbuilding requires worlds, and aside from lawless dystopian societies, worlds require political machines to run them. Authors who wish to write matriarchal or egalitarian societies […]

The Woo Woo Factor: Part 2

by Anna O’Keefe

[Editor’s note: see Part 1 of this two-part series yesterday.] Over the course of those two years I watched this man’s star shoot higher, shine brighter. It seemed like everything he touched, with every acting job, his popularity went even higher. This made it much harder for me to find an avenue to delivery Freddy’s […]

Women on the Edge of Time

by Beth McCabe

Throughout the latter part of the last century my bookshelf held a rather good, if dog-eared, collection by spec women pioneers. I gave away these physical manifestations when we moved coasts in a single U-Haul UBox a few years ago. But they live on in my heart. Some of the writers from my shelf have […]