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Food: More Than for Eating

by Kristen Julia Anderson

A new crock-pot, rice cooker and hand mixer sit above the cabinets in our kitchen. A brand new, still unused food processor is tucked in a corner between an end table and a kitchen table. My husband and I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment and the kitchen (refrigerator, sink, and stove) is built […]

Horror Season

by Kristen Julia Anderson

Fall. The nights are crisper and get darker earlier.  The front yards of houses throughout neighborhoods are decorated with cobwebs, ghosts, and cemetery scenes.  Trees have an eerie sort of dance to them as they change color from green to orange, red and yellow and begin to shed their leaves. Fall also means horror movies. […]

Some Thoughts on the Ghostbusters Remake

by Kristen Julia Anderson

Stories are often rewritten by those who want to share their personal vision on an original tale – this is nothing new.  From picture book renditions of source materials to blockbuster movie adaptations, there are countless retellings of stories like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast. Recently Jon Favreau’s interpretation […]

Visit Your Public Library Today!

by Kristen Julia Anderson

Mention popular culture and libraries together and many will probably think of the New York Public Library and Ghostbusters. But this blog post isn’t going to be about fictional libraries – instead it’s about what’s really going on and why public libraries, more than ever, need your support.  Most of us probably have positive real-life […]