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Speaking of trust

by Calee Jordan

Speaking of trust— Yes, we were talking about trust just last month (It’s about Control).  I’ve noticed a weird trust trend.  Romance, fantasy, and sci-fi novels share a level of trust that I find impossible to believe.  It’s not that the protagonist trusts the villain, although that happens fairly regularly. In Chanda Hahn’s Reign (book […]

Hey, I know you!

by Calee Jordan

Haven’t we met before? Yeah, we have. I’d recognize that wild tangle of hair and quirky disposition anywhere. Why are you shaking your head? No, no. We’ve definitely met before. In fact, I can prove it. You’re a witch, right? Ah, see, you paused. You are a witch. No, that’s not an accusation, but don’t […]

OMG, I heart Rachel Morgan!

by Calee Jordan

Warning: Spoilers will follow. Can I contract swimmer’s ear from headsets? For the last month, I’ve worn headsets everywhere—in the yard, when I have a spare moment at work, in the tub, in the car (well, the headset covers only one ear then). I’m so addicted to my current set of audio books that my […]

A Need for Speed

by Calee Jordan

Good grief. It’s 4 a.m. Despite my frequent yawns and drooping eyelids, I’m still awake, still reading. See, there’s this book, an interesting story with a cool description, so I started reading just before bedtime. I told myself I would read one chapter before bed. Then the characters’ emotions engulfed me. The details had me […]

I Love to Hate my Favorite Books

by Calee Jordan

Have you read that book? It’s the book you can’t stop rereading. It’s the book you can’t stop thinking about even when you’re not reading it. It’s the series for which you anxiously await the next installment. And yet, the story drives you insane; you find yourself obsessing over the story. It’s the book that […]