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Issue 034 Author Interview: C.L. Spillard and “Frost”

by Jen Gheller

We’re here again, dear readers, with another Issue 034 author interview! Below is our chat with C.L. Spillard with her story “Frost,” which you can read here before continuing. LSQ: There is a ton of story packed in just over 500 words. This could easily have been a much longer work. What made you decide […]

Author Interview: D.L. Carter

by Wendy Van Camp

Author D. L. Carter has been called crazy, restless optimist, pessimist, lazy, a crank with delusional invisible friends who have the greatest, dangerous ideas. She is also an excellent science fiction and fantasy author. Please welcome “D” to No Wasted Ink. D. L. Carter (Dee Leana, call me ‘D’) was decanted from her incubation pod […]

Author Interview: Elizabeth Gaines Johnston

by Wendy Van Camp

A huge fan of fantasy and medieval history, Author Elizabeth Gaines Johnston loves weaving complicated storylines together to create characters who feel like real people. She enjoys using words to paint a picture, so her worlds have a tangible feel to them. My name is Elizabeth Gaines Johnston, author of the Gilded Serpents trilogy, as […]

Author Interview: Corrina Lawson

by Rebecca Buchanan

[Today, we sit down for a brief interview with author Corrina Lawson. A regular reviewer and blogger in the romance, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery genres, Lawson is also the author of two alternate history romances — one centered on ancient Rome, the other on the ancient Norse. Here, Lawson discusses her writing, her research, […]

Author Interview: Sandi Leibowitz

by Rebecca Buchanan

[Here we sit down with poet and author, Sandi Leibowitz. A widely-published poet, Leibowitz just released her first collection, The Bone-Joiner, with more collections planned for the future. Leibowitz will also be reading some of her poetry live, for those in the New York City area this summer.] Question: How do you define your personal […]