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LSQ Monthly News Flash: October 2018

by Anna O’Brien

News, LSQ-style. Right here, right now, directly to your little eyeballs. Here’s what’s up this month: In case you missed it, we published our Issue 035 on September 5. Available both online and in print, this beauty has 16–yes 16!–speculative fiction short stories by women-identifying authors. We are currently open to submissions. Go here to […]

LSQ Monthly News Flash: September 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Hello, dearest readers! The editorial staff here at Luna Station has been busy finishing up our latest Quarterly issue and  we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. Let’s get September off to a great start, shall we? Here’s the need-to-know for this month: Issue 035 will be out this Wednesday, September […]

LSQ Monthly News Flash: August 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Heads up, dear readers! Happy Monday and welcome to our monthly news flash–this is our chance to let you know about the happenings and what-nots of our Quarterly. Ready? Here we go: Issue 034 is still out, still fabulous, still contains eight amazing speculative fiction short stories by women authors, and is still available online […]

LSQ News Flash: July 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Here is it! Your one-stop-shop for LSQ news. Here’s what you need to know this month: We are looking for new bloggers to join our blog team! Have ideas? Like to write about those ideas? Then check out the application here. We are also looking for a volunteer assistant editor for the Quarterly! Take a […]

We Want You

Yes, YOU. We have two new announcements as we continue to grow and seek out new women-identifying writers. Firstly, we’re looking for new bloggers to join our blog team. Whether you have a one-off essay idea or are interested in contributing monthly to a regular column, we’re interested in hearing your ideas. See our application […]

LSQ News Flash! June 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Dearest readers! Here is what’s going on here at Luna Station Quarterly this month. Issue 034 came out last Friday, June 1!!! Available on-line and in print, this beautiful issue features eight speculative fiction short stories by women-identifying authors. Go check it out and share with others! We are currently closed for submissions, but will […]

LSQ News Flash! May 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Dearest readers! Here is what you need to know for all things LSQ in May: We close for submissions on May 15 so get your wonderful speculative fiction stories to us before then; Issue 034 will be out June 1!!! Brimming with fabulous fantasy, sci-fi, and things somewhere in between, this issue, like all our […]

LSQ News Flash! April 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Dear readers! Here’s everything LSQ-related that you need to know for the month of April. Looking for March news? Go here. May news? Hold onto your horses, you ambitious monkeys. One month at a time. Sheesh. For the month of April, here’s what you need to know: Issue 033 is out and ready for your […]

LSQ News Flash! March 2018

by Anna O’Brien

Dear readers! Because we have amazing things going on here at LSQ, we need to let you know. So, forget CNN or whatever your media outlet of choice might be, because LSQ has you covered. At least for speculative fiction stuff. Feel free to check the weather elsewhere because all you’ll get here is reports […]

We Are Volcanoes

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

I cried when I heard the news that Ursula K. Le Guin had died last week. I think my tears were a reaction to one more beautiful, powerful, amazing creative voice being gone, one more ally in a world going further and further down a very dark path. Once I was done with my first […]