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The Legacy and Legend of Carrie Fisher

by Linda Codega

On Thursday, a few weeks ago, I watched a film that ended with a dedication that read “In Loving Memory of our Princess, Carrie Fisher.” The Last Jedi was her final film, her last piece of art in a world where many only knew her by her 70’s hairstyle. It’s fascinating that a woman who […]

The Blog is Back!

by Anna O’Brien

Hello, dearest readers!!! After a hiatus, the Luna Station Quarterly blog is BACK and full of fun and tricks. We’ve got some of your favorite bloggers in line to continue their wonderful reviews and excellent essays, some new faces to delve into amazing new topics such as women in Greek mythology, heroes, and fan fiction, […]

The Print Edition is now LIVE!

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Thank you all for your patience while we sorted out the issues with our printing service! Those of you wanting a beautiful hard copy of Issue 031 can now have your wish fulfilled!!! The best place to go is the direct purchase page. We get the most financial support when you buy that way. Here’s […]

Issue 031 is now live!

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Stories are part of what make us who we are. They help us take the temperature of the human spirit. Right now women all over feel like the world is out to get them (and some cases, it is) or that they don’t matter. It’s times like these where LSQ feels more important than ever. […]

Watch this space!

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Issue 031 will be here soon! Due to the Labor Day holiday in the US (and I do hope all your laborers of every stripe get some rest this weekend) we’re putting a slight delay in releasing our next issue. Watch for a new batch of stories on Tuesday! In the meantime, I welcome you […]


by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Hello dear readers! We made it through the wilderness! Ain’t no mountain high enough! We come to you with awesome news! Issue 030, after a significant delay, is now live and ready for you to read! The stories are beautiful, touching, creative, magical, mysterious things of wonder and I couldn’t be prouder to get them […]


Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your patience with our delay. We just got the print proof in, the digital versions of the issue are in production and we should be live with the new issue by July 1. Everyone is fine, life is still a bit off-kilter, and we can’t wait to get […]


by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Hello dear readers! There has been a massive, ongoing emergency within the LSQ family. Everyone is safe, but the repercussions have meant that our blog has been on a temporary hiatus. Even worse, Issue 030 has been delayed until next week. My most humble apologies for this. In our 8 year history, this has only […]

Hey! We’re looking for you!

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Hello dear readers! Did you know Luna Station Quarterly is in its 8th year? Awesome right? We would love to hear your voices and have you be a part of the team. Right now, we’re looking for columnists for this very blog. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, whatever schedule works for you. If you’ve got something to say […]