Health and Fitness for Creative People – Yes, It’s Important

First, I want to address a stereotype that intelligent, creative type people (dare I say, nerds) cannot also be fit people. If you’re a writer, artist, or creative person, it doesn’t mean you can’t also be athletic and healthy. Conversely, just because you become more athletic, lean out, gain some muscle or improve your cardiovascular health, does not mean your IQ is going to drop. It’s just the opposite.

Strong in body really does mean stronger in mind. If your body is not functioning at its very best, how can you expect your brain to? If you’re not getting enough sleep, if you’re supplying your body with the wrong type of fuel, it’s going to affect your brain function, which relates to the quantity and quality of the art you will be able to produce.

Let’s face it. If someone is strong, no amount of strength is going to make them smart. However, if you’re smart, you can get strong.

Many of your friends might be inactive and don’t care to change. That doesn’t mean you have to follow the same pattern. Do you think they’ll respect you less if you decide to focus on living a long, healthy and functional life? If they do, it’s time to ditch those friends. More than likely, they’ll cheer you on in your efforts and they might even be inspired by your example to do the same.

Do you want to live long enough to write a five book series? Do you want to have the energy to finish your projects to your utmost potential? All it takes a brief amount of time, where you get away from your desk and get active. Go for a walk and let your creative side run free, you’ll be amazed at what it can come up with while you exercise. Don’t buy into the flawed thinking that you can’t be smart AND fit. Remember, brains and brawn should go together!

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  1. I deeply dislike exercise, but I’ve found it’s better if I’m indulging in something creative at the same time. Audiobooks from the library have now replaced my music playlist when I’m exercising! It’s so much more enjoyable to listen to a book (or a podcast like Welcome to Night Vale or Invisibilia) — like I’m nerding it up while keeping healthy. 🙂

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