Hello dear readers!

We made it through the wilderness! Ain’t no mountain high enough! We come to you with awesome news!

Issue 030, after a significant delay, is now live and ready for you to read! The stories are beautiful, touching, creative, magical, mysterious things of wonder and I couldn’t be prouder to get them out to you.

Life takes twists and turns, however, and some things can’t be helped. Suffice to say, delays like this are not something I plan on repeating any time soon. However, I will say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for your messages of support. LSQ is not going anywhere and all and sundry are safe and sound.

And now, the stories! Start of with the lovely “The Joy of Baking” by Holly Lyn Walrath and then allow it to carry you into the next story and the one after that and onward.

Want to support LSQ and the authors we publish? You can do that easily! Here are a couple ways:

  • Buy a copy of the issue! Paperback (discount code: 594VATZS gets you 10% off) and Digital Editions are available (and if you buy direct from us, we get the most support).
  • We have a Patreon page. Some wonderful souls have joined us there and you can, too. Rewards are there waiting for you!
  • Spread the word! Tweet, post, link, etc. The more people that find us, the better.

Thank you all once again for supporting us! Now go read some great stories!

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