Issue 041 Author Interview: Rosemary Melchior and “Salt”

Welcome to Tuesday, when we interview authors in our latest LSQ issue! This being the inaugural week of our Issue 041, we welcome author Rosemary Melchior to sit in our comfy chair made from the internet and answer some questions about her short story “Salt.”

LSQ: Can you speak to the title of the story?
Rosemary: I wanted something that could tie to the main character’s arrival and signal her departure on the island – the scent of salt water.
LSQ: The cold of the island is ever-present and well described. How were you able to conjure such vivid descriptions of such a bitterly cold and unforgiving landscape?
Rosemary: Thank you! I traveled to Iceland a few winters ago and did a road trip around the western coast – I pulled a lot of the feelings from that experience.
LSQ: The ending is extremely satisfying. Did you know that’s how Sigga’s story would end before you started writing, or did it work its way out in the process?
Rosemary: I knew the last line before I knew anything else, and the story was built around paying off that moment.
LSQ: What was the most challenging aspect of writing this story and why? What do you like best about this story and why?
Rosemary: The most challenging aspect of this story was keeping Sigga’s end goal a surprise, while still leaving clues that there was more on her mind than just survival.
What I like best is that Sigga gets to go out and seek her revenge, using the strengths that they tried to punish her for (more girls burning it down in 2020 please).

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