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Lovers of storytelling and community seek same

by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Hello dear readers!

LSQ is going through some changes. As you may have noticed, the Managing Editor of this very blog, Cheryl Wollner, has stepped down from her post. Cheryl has been an integral part of the day to day running of LSQ and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for all her work. I’m also happy to tell you that she’ll be continuing as a regular contributor so you’ll still see her byline pop up from time to time.

As you can imagine, we now have a vitally important role to fill her on the LSQ team. We’re looking to find someone as quickly as we can, but of course a good fit is key to everything as well.

This is where you all come in!

If you want to learn the ropes and take the reins of LSQ’s blog (I have cowpokes on the brain for some reason!) then I heartily encourage you to fill out our application!

You can find out all the details there and if you know someone else who might be interested, please pass the link along!

Help us find the next person to fill this important role!

A bit about the columnist:

A software engineer by trade, Jennifer Lyn Parsons is a life-long lover of story with a capital S. Her work has been seen in various magazines and she has published three books, with quite a few more in her back pocket. She counts Jim Jarmusch and Laura Ingalls Wilder as two of her biggest influences. Make of that what you will. When not writing either code or fiction, she reads books and comics, and sometimes makes things out of wool or paper. She finds joy in making things, be they digital or analog. Visit author page

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