A Guardian Angel’s Lullaby

“Hush little one, hush. For soon the memories will begin to fade. Thoughts of battles fierce and brutal and of comrades lost will metamorphose into the sweet thoughts of the mortal young: of loving families, blankets comforting and soft, and bedtime stories. The preexistence where once you ruled will seem like nothing more than a mother’s fairytale.”

“Hush little one, hush. For the body that now feels like a prison will soon become your home. It will grow beautiful and capable to befit the soul within. You have the heart of a hero, and it will remember the ways of the warrior. It will guide you as you endeavor to fulfill your destiny. The stars laid out by the fates shine brightly for you my friend. There are demons lurking on this side of the veil as well, and only you can defeat them. And defeat them you must, because while they rule the temporal world, they cannot be beaten in the realms beyond.”

“Hush little one, hush. For while the battles will rage on in the heavens during your absence, you have trained your warrior-angels well. They are strong and they are true. They will be able to hold the legions of evil at bay until your return. And oh yes, when you return to us you will be stronger than ever. You will emerge a more capable leader with the worldly knowledge you will have acquired. The age old question of good versus evil must be answered once and for all, and you will be present at the final battle. You will lead your assemblage to victory. And you will emerge a hero in every domain of existence.”

“Hush little one, hush. For while your people are anxiously awaiting your return, they understand the weight of your quest. The tears they shed are but prayers for you. They pray for your health and your triumph, and those prayers will keep you safe. Trust in them and do not fear.”

“Hush little one, hush. For while this is the last time you will look upon me with your earthly eyes, I will always be near watching over you, protecting you, and guiding you. Hush.