Luna Station Quarterly is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by emerging women authors.
Now in our 9th year!

Different Planet, Same Apple

Busboy,‭ ‬Fourteen

Laying a bucket under the alien’s retching mouth sucked.‭ ‬Holding her hair,‭ ‬super sucked‭!

What’s the Difference‭?

Business jacket,‭ ‬skirt.‭ ‬Red plastic glasses.‭ ‬Pomegranate lipstick Eli scrubbed off with his thumb.‭ ‬She disliked discussing her planet,‭ ‬preferred flirting with younger men.

The Drink-Together Bar

Eli’s mate-like-bunnies family drank every Friday.‭ ‬Eli fetched glasses,‭ ‬mugs…‭ ‬Why not open up a bar‭? ‬They decided.

Praise for Planet Earth

‭“‬We use others to get pleasure.‭ ‬But you pleasure yourselves.‭” ‬She was impressed.

Eli’s Alien Fandom

Stabbed to death by red stilettos‭! ‬As if he needed to be disappointed by another planet.

A bit about the author:

Emily J.‭ ‬Lawrence tells us:‭ ‬I am a young college graduate,‭ ‬eating tears and rejection letters as I wait for a‭ "‬real job.‭" ‬Between giving cats weird names and holding my fiance,‭ ‬I spend my time creating sentences nobody has ever muttered,‭ ‬metaphors never thought of,‭ ‬and characters who take over.‭ ‬My work will appear in Relief Magazine and Lit Magazine Fall/Winter‭ ‬2010. Visit author page