Editorial, Issue 010

We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains. (Ursula K. LeGuin)

That is the quote that lives at the bottom of every page of the brand-new Luna Station Press, and I believe every word of it. It’s the reason I started working on Luna Station Quarterly, three years ago. It’s the reason that, when the community presented itself, I set out to make this dream of a small press come to life.

I could not do this without first having stories, of course. I’m so very proud of and humbled by every one of my authors. They took a chance on sending their tales to this little corner of the internet. Some were simply looking to be published for the first time, some were looking for a place to send a story that had trouble finding a home. All, though, were women who needed a larger voice. We all need a larger voice.

As the community grew, I found myself looking for the next step. The Quarterly is wonderful and I still love it to pieces and thoroughly enjoy putting it together, but I felt drawn to do something more, something larger, something that would help the Quarterly grow and expand its mission.

At first, starting a press seemed… crazy? No, not crazy. From the second the inspiration hit, the idea made too much sense to really sound crazy. Challenging, overwhelming, possibly beyond my current abilities? That was more like it. The more I thought and researched the idea, the less overwhelming it appeared and the more I found that my abilities were up to the task. That just left the final aspect that may have held me back: this was going to be challenging. When that was all that was left to keep me from diving in head-first, I knew I had to do it.

Challenge is good. It keeps us alive and vital and kicking and not resting on our laurels (or defeats) and headed toward an early grave. It makes life worth living. And what bigger challenge could I find than starting an independent press in a bad economy, publishing ebooks in that still-evolving market, and focusing on women genre fiction authors? I love it. I think this is just the kind of kick in the ass the world needs right now. Let’s push those boundaries of what’s safe and expected.

And so I pushed, and worked, and wrote a ton of emails and an even larger ton of code. I learned how to format ebooks, learned how to set up a DBA, learned that ISBNs are way expensive, though not complicated. I learned that my supportive community of writers was even more supportive than I imagined. I learned I had grown wells of confidence when I wasn’t looking and a faith that I was truly doing the right thing. I also found, to my great amusement, that in doing all this work I had stumbled on the calling I’ve been looking for my whole life.

So thank you, dear readers, for joining me, joining us, in this new era of publishing, of storytelling, and of giving voice to the sciffy geek girls, the ladies of fairy tales, the mothers of Story, with a capital “S”. I hope you enjoy the ride.