Editorial, Issue 013

Hello! We’re back! And there is a lot more ‘we’ than the last issue, how exciting!

Welcome, dear reader, to the fourth year of Luna Station Quarterly. I’m still amazed, astounded, and honored to be in charge of this woman-powered rocketship. I would be all these things no matter what, but at this time it feels like LSQ’s mission is more vital than ever.

Girls and women who love fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction in general continue to be undermined in all aspects of our community. The guys do want us around, but for a loud-mouthed minority, it’s only if we fulfill their definition of sexy and keep our mouths shut. That just doesn’t work for me or any of the awesome, talented women I know.

Unfortunately, the evidence of this problem is everywhere. When a troll complains there are too many non-white or female authors on an awards ballot, it’s not just that one individual that is causing the problem. It’s systemic and he’s simply the current sore thumb, though I’m sure many of my authors, and many of you readers, already know that.

That being said, this isn’t about hating men. I never started LSQ to be a platform for man bashing. It’s just not me and I don’t feel like that kind of tactic is productive. It just breeds animosity. I would rather the guys feel comfortable coming in for a visit, knowing that the stories they find are going to surprise them, draw them in with their original narratives and strong characters, and maybe, just maybe, make them think for a moment or two.

So, what is to be done to fix the bigger issue of sexism? That is a huge question and one I don’t think I’m qualified to even attempt to solve. What I can say in answer, is that LSQ is here to support women writers. I started this project as a way to take the high road on these issues, to simply present good, solid writing that tells fun, intriguing, smart, creative stories that happen to be written by women. And now I’ve got an even bigger staff and bigger vision for how to do just that.

This year I am thrilled to fulfill a little dream and happily surprised to see LSQ expanding.

If you haven’t already, please do welcome Megan Kaleita, Iona Sharma, and Elizabeth Thurmond, who join Cheryl Ruggiero as Assitant Editors. It took all three of them to replace departing Assitant Editor, Evan Petit, who has been with LSQ as a contributor from the very first issue. Thank you for all your support, Ev!

And the little dream? It’s small, but it’s a seed for larger things. LSQ is now officially a paying market! Every author from this issue on gets a small token for their work. I call it small, but it’s actually a huge step and one I’ve been dreaming of taking since the beginning.

So, I hope you enjoy these marvelous, carefully chosen stories within. I hope you continue to support LSQ and every writer who’s published under our banner. And I hope you spread the word about what we’re doing here, taking the high and quiet road to a more equal world, one story at a time.