Editorial, Issue 016

I have been focusing a lot lately on gratitude.

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US as I write this and, while I don’t tend to get sentimental or swept up in the holiday, this year it happens to coincide with a personal feeling of thanksgiving.

This issue wraps year number four. Sixteen issues, hundreds of stories. What a blessing and an honor to be in charge of this starship built on a simple dream.

I am grateful for the many readers who have discovered LSQ and enjoyed the fruits of our labors. Every one of you that has read and enjoyed even a single story has shown me that what I believed was true. There is a place out there for women writers and their stories.

I am grateful for the editorial team that has come together over the last couple of years. The time and effort and enthusiasm for LSQ never ceases to amaze me.

I am grateful for those who have helped to fund LSQ. Every donation has come at just the right time and helped the magazine grow at an amazing pace.

I am grateful to the authors. Many of you submitted your stories when LSQ was just for the love and for that I am so thankful. So many have trusted this magazine to be the first place where your fledgling writing talents would appear. Your bravery is awesome.

I’m also grateful for the time we live in. Every period in history has its share of darkness and light, and ours is no different. What we have, however, is this grand human experiment known as the internet. LSQ simply would not have been possible without it. Not only is it where the core of the magazine lives, but also how all the authors connect with each other, across social, economic, and political boundaries. It’s amazing.

As we enter the fifth year (OMG, 5 years!) of publication, there are new plans to hatch, new seeds to plant. There is rocket fuel ready to ignite and I thank you all for hopping on board. Whether this is the first issue of LSQ you’ve ever read or if you’ve been enjoying these stories from issue 001, I thank you for your support.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store, but if it’s anything like the past, we’re in for a great ride.

Thank you!