Editorial, Issue 017

I’m sitting in the lunchroom at my day job as I type this. As I do my best to block out those talking around me and think about being home with my cat, working on this issue you are now reading, I am also pondering growth and change and evolution.

Change is in the air. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is awaiting Spring. Beneath the snow the first sprouts that will become flowers are poking their way out of the ground. So, too, are many people I hold near and dear. It’s been a rough, long winter and many of my friends are only now emerging from the dark. I would not have changed a moment of it, though I admit the fresh energies that come with Spring will be welcomed this year.

Change, transformations, the seasons, they all come whether we wish them to or not. Yet this is what keeps us vital and alive, if we embrace it all. Yes, even the hard parts.

The publishing industry, and this little corner of it, is no different. We don’t know what flowers will bloom from the seeds of the digitial publishing revolution. Just a few years ago, when LSQ was started, the landscape was very different. The ebook publishing revolution was in its infancy and there was less noise to wade through, but little voices were seldom heard then. Not so long ago great stories, like the ones in this issue, were much more likely to fall through the cracks.

I now look forward to seeing what forgotten treasures emerge from the snowbanks of the traditional publishing model. Will books be like the lid to my recycling can, reappearing once the snow melts and the world starts looking shiny and new? What do we bring forward, what gets left behind, and what new things need to die early on the vine?

As Luna Station Quarterly embarks on it’s FIFTH cycle around the sun, I am looking back on where it started, as little more than a whim and a website. Every year has seen growth, from just a few faithful authors to a few hundred, from just me toiling away on my own to a full staff of awesome editors. Every year has seen an evolution as well, as I’ve adapted and changed the site, the deadlines, the way the stories are shared and presented.

This year will be the same, except when it’s completely different.

More growth and change are on the way. Some of it will come quickly, some will take all year, but it will come. And I always leave room for a few surprises along the way. Flexibility and dancing are the best tools for navigating the future, after all. And all the while planting the seeds for the next growing season.

In the end though, the medium makes little difference. Like the seasons, the delivery system changes with the trends and developments. No, it’s the stories themselves that really matter, it’s the stories that live on, weathering the ebb and flow alongside each of us, their meaning changing as we move through our days. Digital, analog, written in ink or pixel or the air in our lungs when we meet face to face, it’s all about the tale being told.

But then, you know that. It’s the reason you have this issue in your hands (or on your screen). So, thank you for joining me as we start year five with our eyes open and on the look out for that first sprout of a tale. I look forward to bringing you some amazing stories this year, no matter what format, color or shape in which they appear. Thank you for keeping stories alive and blooming.