Editorial, Issue 018

Women are angry and that’s great.

We’re all up in arms about fanboys, the gender divide, insensitive convention organizers, society at large holding us down and holding us back. It’s brilliant watching women of all ages and backgrounds have a voice and band together in various groups, however temporary, to take a stand for their rights to equal treatment on all levels.

This is half of why I created Luna Station Quarterly in the first place. I wanted to provide a voice for the wonderful women writers of speculative fiction, be it sword and sandals, high concept sci-fi, or anywhere in between.

But there is the other half that drove me forward and made me want to build this magazine, and its parent press. I wanted to celebrate women writers as much as defend them. This is a component of our communities that seems to be lost in the arguing at times.

This time around, I want use this forum to put out a request.

When possible, accentuate the positive. Show how awesome we are as women, as writers, and that the former does not always have to precede the latter. Do great work, read great stories, support the women in your life in those subtle ways that get lost amongst the sturm und drang of the battle for equality.

Perhaps its the idea that this is all couched in terms used for war that bothers me and makes me turn my thoughts toward supporting rather than fighting.

I’m a peacenik when at all possible. I would rather uplift then knock down. Do I want equality among the genders? Of course I do. Do I admit that sometimes we need to scream to be heard? Yup. But I also know that once we get everyone’s attention, we’re going to need to show that we’re more than the yelling.

I love Lightspeed’s Women Destory Science Fiction issue and supported its Kickstarter. I’m a charter member of the Geek Girls Book Club, which was born out of similar righteous anger. But I also run this little literary magazine. Every quarter I quietly send out creative, engaging stories into the world by an array of diverse and talented women.

Its genesis, too, was an attempt to fill a void and show that women can do this stuff, and brilliantly to boot. At the end of the day, though, LSQ retains its focus on great stories, and we do publish amazing ones at that. The fact that they all happen to be written by women, but that you don’t have to be female to enjoy them, just proves the point I’ve been trying to make all along.

If there is a time and a purpose for everything, then I stand behind those who are at the front lines and cheer them on. But when they need a respite and a remembrance of why they are fighting? I’ll be right here, with stories to share that will lift them and, hopefully, those they fight so that maybe tomorrow’s battles will go a little easier on everyone and we can get one step closer to that wonderful dream of peace and equality.