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“What was it Fred used to call me?” Aunt Bernice sat down on the stairs, forehead perplexed. “What was it—you know, darling, whenever he saw me in that apricot gown, with the white gloves up to my elbows?  It was a darned great phrase…”
Not noticing the ghost, Aunt Bernice sat and wrung her hands. Finally, her face brightened with recollection.  “I remember! Murder in orange.  Old Fred used to say, ‘You look just like murder in orange, Berny.’” She gave a trumpeting laugh.  “And heaven knows, he was right.”
The ghost glared long after she left the room.

A bit about the author:

Danica Cummins is a writer from Northern California who reads too many murder mysteries and always wears colorful socks. She co-edits The Fast-Forward Festival (a magazine devoted to time travel), and writes the wacky blog "Danica's Intergalactic Coffeeship", which can be found any time of day at Her fiction has been published in Brain Harvest, State of Imagination, The Ear Hustler, and Larks Fiction Magazine, as well as the excellent Luna Station Quarterly. Visit author page