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I press on the gelatinous bump. The harmless, fluid-filled cyst is evidence I’m not a little girl anymore. Too prudent to put a price on my vanity, I keep it, the target on my back. Is my body trying to take something in? Or push something out — like a grain of sand that doesn’t belong? Half-turned in the mirror, I push down again, hoping for pearls. But there’s only displaced pressure along my spine. Harder, I try again. There has to be something, some reason for… The numbness is unhurried, but it’s there as I reboot myself into another life.

A bit about the author:

Lauren C. Teffeau was born and raised on the East Coast, educated in the South, employed in the Midwest, and now lives and dreams in the Southwest. Her work can be found in the September 2011 issue of Eclectic Flash, the Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology (Crossed Genre Publications, February 2012), and The Memory Eater anthology (forthcoming). She blogs about the writing life at Visit author page