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Now in our 9th year!

Is There a Sacred Place for Metallic Sinners?

“You are the worst of my children,‭” ‬the old woman whispered lovingly.

The robot stroked her hair,‭ ‬his hand a clever combination of sensors,‭ ‬mechanical nerve paths and organic muscles.‭ ‬If there was a difference,‭ ‬it was for the better.

‭”‬I worry about you,‭” ‬she continued,‭ “‬I´m soon gone and you‭…”

“No one touches me‭!” ‬His confident sunbeam-smile in place.

‭”‬Not my point.‭ ‬What will happen when you‭… ‬die‭? ‬You have done bad things.‭ ‬If there’s a God and a Judgment Day‭…”

“Then reset me.‭ ‬I trust you.‭”

“I could,‭ ‬but I won´t‭… ‬You are the best of my children.‭”

A bit about the author:

A.‭ ‬S.‭ ‬lives with Hello Kitty and Super Mario,‭ ‬she misses Manny Calavera.‭ ‬When she writes,‭ ‬she prefers her characters somewhat broken.‭ ‬She´s humbly grateful that she´s human. Visit author page