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Nonterrestrial Intelligence

“Create,” signed the trainer. “Together.”
The dolphins ducked underwater.
“The things we do for fish,” chattered Leela.
“And tongue rubs. Don’t forget the tongue rubs,” chimed Luna. “Besides, it’s a small price to pay to get to contemplate the mysteries of the world all day.”
“True that.”
“It’s crunch time. What say you? Double spin to back flip?”
“We did that last time.”
“Crud. How about fluke walk to high jump?”
“Works for me. Wait for it… Go!”
Seconds after the dolphins had submerged, they simultaneously splashed through the surface.
“Amazing,” sighed the reporter when cetaceans finished. “They’re so innovative.”

A bit about the author:

Ella Kennen was born in Puerto Rico, went to the University of Viriginia, and has had many zip codes including, most recently, one in England. She writes to avoid working on her doctoral dissertation. Ella has published short stories and nonfiction for children and adults alike. You can find out more about her writing at Visit author page