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Re-population Project

“‬They’re trying to re-populate their planet and need help from humans‭?”

“Yeah,‭” ‬Colin yawned,‭ “‬but they can’t mate with us.‭”

“Have you been to the recreation room‭?” ‬Kyle pulled the scratchy blanket up to his chin.

‭“‬It isn’t like a community center rec room.‭ ‬No ping-pong tables and those aren’t smoothies you see spilled on the floor.‭”

“So what do you do‭?”

“Stand in a line and hope you don’t get picked for refreshment duty.‭”

“Why don’t you want to be chosen‭?” ‬Kyle stared at Colin.

‭“‬Let’s just say the snack bar is unique.‭ ‬I guess humans taste better raw.‭”

A bit about the author:

Janel Gradowski writes most often with her Golden Retriever napping nearby. Her work has appeared in Litsnack, Yellow Mama, Long Story Short, Every Day Fiction and several other publications. More of her thoughts on many things can be found at her blog: . Visit author page