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“Promise you will never go away,” the image in the mirror pleaded.
Combing her dark hair, Ellen sighed, wishing her double would follow her lead. “I cannot promise. There may come a time when I must leave this place.”
“Take me with you,” her other self pleaded. “Take the mirror from the wall so that we are never parted.”
“I am a knightess. What if I am required to go to battle?”
Her reflection blinked. “Knightess? You go to war? As the men do?”
Ellen laughed. “Men? Go to battle? Who would cook and clean and care for the children?”

Originally published at The Tiny Tales (, 2011

A bit about the author:

Tammy Garrison was abandoned on this blue/green sphere by her own people.‭ ‬She persists in her efforts to make contact with her people via work that can be seen at Flashshot,‭ ‬guest spots at,‭ ‬and in Chicks Dig Time Lords from Mad Norwegian Press.‭ ‬She also has an internationally-read webcomic,‭ ‬speaks at science fiction conventions,‭ ‬and works as a crazy cat lady in training/librarian. Visit author page