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Sad Dog

I don’t want to eat,‭ ‬even bacon.

‭”‬You’re so sad,‭ ‬Moe,‭” ‬she says.‭ “‬Me too.‭”

I don’t want to sniff around.‭ ‬His scent’s never new anymore.

Humans don’t sniff much.‭ ‬But she holds his shirt and sniffs.‭ ‬Her eyes drip water.‭ ‬She lies down and whimpers.‭

I jump on the bed.‭ ‬She doesn’t tell me‭ “‬Get down,‭ ‬Moe.‭”

Maybe sad means sniff his shirt and whimper.‭ ‬So I do.

He put stuff in my brain with needles so I can think in words.‭ ‬They come out in his light box.‭ ‬She doesn’t know that yet.

I’m trying the word sad.

A bit about the author:

Cheryl Wood Ruggiero lives and writes in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. Her work has appeared in Abyss & Apex, The Three-Lobed Burning Eye, CALYX, South Carolina Review, Pebble Lake Review, The 2River View, The Potomac, and Wolf Moon Journal, among others. Her poetry chapbook Old Woman at the Warm Spring is forthcoming in February 2011 from Finishing Line Press, and more of her speculative fiction is in the anthology Shelter of Daylight. Visit author page