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The Technopocalyps arrived unexpectedly,‭ ‬as most apocalypses do.‭ ‬Just POOF and one day all digital technology died,‭ ‬ceasing to function,‭ ‬probably permanently.‭ ‬Everything that‭ “‬spoke‭” ‬in ones and zeroes…a paperweight.‭ ‬It was the day Stella had long waited for,‭ ‬when her kind would once again rule the earth:‭ ‬librarians of the lost Card Catalog Religion.‭ ‬The gatekeepers of knowledge now that knowledge was found only in books again.‭ ‬Those kids who used to play their hand-held games too loudly in the foyer were thankful now,‭ ‬that she’d kept that‭ ‬1932‭ ‬Boy Scout Guide that instructed on how to make fire.‭

A bit about the author:

Tammy Garrison was abandoned on this blue/green sphere by her own people.‭ ‬She persists in her efforts to make contact with her people via work that can be seen at Flashshot,‭ ‬guest spots at,‭ ‬and in Chicks Dig Time Lords from Mad Norwegian Press.‭ ‬She also has an internationally-read webcomic,‭ ‬speaks at science fiction conventions,‭ ‬and works as a crazy cat lady in training/librarian. Visit author page