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Time Machine

The labels were in Russian. Or was it Greek? Perhaps his story (excuse) changed. I believe he just couldn’t resist, all those levers, buttons. All that machinery.
Just saw you graduate, he types from 2015. It’s supposed to make me feel better about A-level physics. He forgets I still have to do all the work.
He couldn’t tell at first, he says. Bit warmer outside, but same concrete, same guards. Hungry from all that traveling, he bought a Big Mac. 100% soya, it said. 0.3% fat. He looked up the curling words he’d jotted on his hand. Forward. Back.

A bit about the author:

Zoe Gilbert writes drabbles, short stories and novels, often with folkloric or magical themes, and has recently started writing fiction to complement artworks. She blogs regularly at about writing, education, philosophy and her attempts at analogue photography. She lives in London, UK and is a member of the Brick Lane Writers Group. Visit author page