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Untitled #3

Detective Sara Bellam’s investigations led here.

Dead bodies with no signs of injury.

But their brains were missing.

Pathology revealed lacerations in the nasal passages.‭ ‬Sara remembered reading how ancient Egyptians extracted the brain through the nose prior to mummification.

Could some sicko be re-enacting the practice on live victims‭?

Sara cringed at the sight of the mouldy,‭ ‬withered corpse.

He had been dead a while.

As Sara stepped over the body,‭ ‬something sent her crashing.

The corpse loomed over her,‭ ‬clutching a silly straw.

Sara screamed as the zombie used it to suck her brain out through her nose.

A bit about the author:

J.C.‭ ‬Martin was born in Malaysia but now lives in south London with her fiancé and three dogs.‭ ‬She is currently working on a few novels that she hopes to get published.‭ ‬She works as a kung fu instructor to help fund her writing obsession. Visit author page