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Untitled #6

I find souls wherever I go,‭ ‬souls that reach to me,‭ ‬embrace me and I cannot resist.‭ ‬I love them all‭ ‬-‭ ‬those that call to me,‭ ‬sing to me,‭ ‬join me on my journey.‭ ‬I love loving,‭ ‬being loved.‭ ‬I’m always on the look out.‭ ‬And maybe I’m not the only one…

So if I find you,‭ ‬touch you‭ ‬-‭ ‬reach for you.‭ ‬Please know you are loved.‭ ‬If only for an hour,‭ ‬a day,‭ ‬a week…I’m the girl on the train,‭ ‬at the library,‭ ‬in your tv…I’m the girl with nothing but unsaid words and a paper heart.

A bit about the author:

I live in the UK with my partner and three children. I love to write, but it doesn’t always come out how I expected. I specialize in love stories with a twist. Visit author page