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Whether You Like It Or Not

When I wake up with no oxymask, I know I’m in trouble. Lungs burning, eyes watering, I stagger toward the nearest building, a fucking KFC.
“No chicken. Call the cops.”
It’s peacemakers now, not cops. Sounds old-fashioned, but this is the future, baby, and you’re gonna be peaceful whether you like it or not.
So, how come I just got mugged?
Check me out in the bathroom mirror! Busted lip, bloody bangs. I guess I fought back. Greasy chicken smell makes me vomit, and that’s when the tears come.
Just got my ass kicked.
And I’m a goddamn peacemaker.

A bit about the author:

Nadria Tucker holds a master’s in creative writing and her work has appeared in such publications as New Southerner and THE2NDHAND and the upcoming anthology All Hands On. She currently lives in Alabama, where she’s hard at work on a young adult speculative fiction novel and a collection of short stories. Visit author page