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Author Interview: Melissa Dickerson

by Wendy Van Camp

Melissa Dickerson is a young adult science fiction writer who is occasionally funny but mostly just tries really, really hard. I’m Melissa, and I love books. I adore them so much that I write them as well as read them. I love libraries and book fairs. My favorite books are ones that take place in […]

Author Interview: Megan Haskell

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Megan Haskell is a YA fantasy author in the Southern California area. We often bump into each other at local writing events. My name is Megan Haskell. I was born in Texas and raised in the greater Seattle area. When I was a kid, my mom was forced to ground me from reading in […]

Issue 032 interview: Katherine Inskip and “In this Life and the Next”

You’re still enjoying Issue 032, right? Steady yourselves, dear readers, because we have another fabulous author interview for your reading pleasure. Katherine Inskip, author of “In this Life and the Next,” answered our burning questions about her story, her writing, and her reading. Do go read it first, then come back and see what Katherine […]