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Issue 032 interview: Katherine Inskip and “In this Life and the Next”

You’re still enjoying Issue 032, right? Steady yourselves, dear readers, because we have another fabulous author interview for your reading pleasure. Katherine Inskip, author of “In this Life and the Next,” answered our burning questions about her story, her writing, and her reading. Do go read it first, then come back and see what Katherine […]

Author Interview: Ann Snizek

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Ann Snizek writes young adult urban fantasy with a fresh science fiction twist. Who am I? I’m an eclectic person and a bit of a homebody. I do enjoy going out and doing things, but I completely enjoy my quiet time at home. We have a small homestead-in-progress (meaning we are slowly working toward […]

Author Interview: Tabitha Lord

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Tabitha Lord is a woman who wears many hats. Not only is she a science fiction author, but she is also a senior editor for Book Club Babble and working on a non-fiction collection of stories connected with an awareness campaign for children with pediatric cancer. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. […]