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Securing Your Author Domain Name

by Jacqui Lipton

Many authors today maintain their own websites, although a number of us prefer to use social media to promote our work and engage in online conversation. If you do have a website, you’ve likely faced issues about which domain name to register and how to secure a domain name you want if someone else has […]

Author Interview: Karen Azinger

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Karen Azinger writes epic fantasy inspired by the style of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, but with more women.  My name is Karen Azinger. I guess the best description of myself is a Renaissance woman, someone with wide-ranging interests and skills for both work and play. On the play side, I love […]

Author Interview: D.L. Carter

by Wendy Van Camp

Author D. L. Carter has been called crazy, restless optimist, pessimist, lazy, a crank with delusional invisible friends who have the greatest, dangerous ideas. She is also an excellent science fiction and fantasy author. Please welcome “D” to No Wasted Ink. D. L. Carter (Dee Leana, call me ‘D’) was decanted from her incubation pod […]

Author Interview: Elizabeth Gaines Johnston

by Wendy Van Camp

A huge fan of fantasy and medieval history, Author Elizabeth Gaines Johnston loves weaving complicated storylines together to create characters who feel like real people. She enjoys using words to paint a picture, so her worlds have a tangible feel to them. My name is Elizabeth Gaines Johnston, author of the Gilded Serpents trilogy, as […]

Author Interview: Elizabeth Guizzetti

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Elizabeth Guizzetti is a science fiction author who writes what she wants and hopes to slay her readers with an emotional connection to her characters. Hi everyone, my name is Elizabeth Guizzetti, and when I am not writing or drawing, I also enjoy hiking and birdwatching. I live in Seattle with my husband and […]

Author Interview: Scarlett Van Dijk

by Wendy Van Camp

Scarlett Van Dijk is a young Australian writer of young adult fantasy stories. She currently has two novels released, Sky Stone and Guardian Core, of the Sky Stone series. My name is Scarlett Van Dijk and I was born in 1993. I am an Australian author of young adult fantasy stories. Besides authoring, I work […]

Author Interview: M.M. Justus

by Wendy Van Camp

Author MM Justus is fascinated by the possibilities of what if–the memories of a place that some people call ghosts or the möbius effect of time travel. She is interested in the potential effects of the fantastic on normal folks, and in inserting it into well-researched historical events, populated mostly by people who really lived. […]

Author Interview: Melissa Dickerson

by Wendy Van Camp

Melissa Dickerson is a young adult science fiction writer who is occasionally funny but mostly just tries really, really hard. I’m Melissa, and I love books. I adore them so much that I write them as well as read them. I love libraries and book fairs. My favorite books are ones that take place in […]

Author Interview: Megan Haskell

by Wendy Van Camp

Author Megan Haskell is a YA fantasy author in the Southern California area. We often bump into each other at local writing events. My name is Megan Haskell. I was born in Texas and raised in the greater Seattle area. When I was a kid, my mom was forced to ground me from reading in […]