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Dr. Aphra Is a Meanie & I Love It

by A.E. Ash

Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra: rogue archaeologist; erstwhile supplier of goods and intelligence to Sith Lord Darth Vader and current acquirer/purveyor of rare (and horrifying) weapons; partners with (re: indebted to) notorious Wookiee former gladiator, Black Krrsantan; possessor of violence-happy droids Triple-Zero and BeeTee; and, according to Beetee, ‘a genuinely horrible person.’ Oh, and even her […]

A Fandom History Primer (Part I)

by Linda Codega

We’ve heard the word ‘fandom’ used often in modern media and until recently, many people were unaware of the term. If they were aware of its use, many would associate it with the science fiction fandom or, more specifically, the Star Trek fandom. So what is fandom? Fandom is defined in various places as a […]