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Now in our 9th year!

Superissue #1: Meet Lady Morse Code!

In a world where superheroes are scarce, Luna Station Quarterly brings you, the one, the only… Lady Morse Code! ****************************************************************************************************** Hello literate citizens of the world, I am Lady Morse Code. Welcome to my Superblog! In this blog series of heroic proportions, I’ll be introducing you to the amazing members of my League of Extraordinary […]

Submissions are Open!

by Cheryl Wollner

Thinking about submitting your brilliant fiction to LSQ? It’s time to stop thinking and click submit. We want to read your work so send it our way! If you’re a female author writing speculative fiction who believes women tell amazing stories worth reading and sharing, then you’ll fit right in. Submissions close August 15th 2016. […]

A Year of Books by Women

by Cheryl Wollner

The first thing I did after college was commit to a year of reading books by women and non-cis men. It’s been a full year since I began my quest to read books by women and that year has come to a close. Since May 2015 I have read: Doomsday Book* Parable of the Sower* […]

Impossible Standards

by Cheryl Wollner

I’m in the middle of reading books by women for a year and it’s a struggle to find comic books which fall within this definition. According to Bleeding Cool, in April 2015, only 17.6% of DC’s writers were women. Only 8.9% of Marvel’s writers were women from the same month and year. With my comic […]

You’re Our Kind of Writer: Submit Your Work to LSQ

by Cheryl Wollner

If you’ve liked what you’ve been reading from our authors this past week, why not become an LSQ author yourself? Submissions for the March 2016 issue open September 15th.  It’s free to submit, but before submitting, please read our submission guidelines to understand what we’re looking for. And, it wouldn’t hurt to take one more look […]

Suggested Readings by LSQ Authors! Day 7

by Cheryl Wollner

It’s been a week long celebration here. Our Five Year Anthology is released, Issue 23 is live and full of fantasy and fairy tale magic, and our authors continue to publish incredible things. Thank you for joining our celebration this week. After all, there’s nothing better than discovering your new favorite author. Kim Mary Trotto‘s novel Goodlands, […]

Suggested Reading from LSQ Authors! Day 2

by Cheryl Wollner

We’re back with Day 2 of our week long celebration of the amazing work LSQ’s authors are publishing. Check out this next batch of incredible publications by LSQ authors and the literary journals who published them. Nikki Vogel: Her work “– in Beginning” was published in Empty Sink Publishing. Phyllis Green: Since “Violetta Brun” appeared […]

Suggested Readings from LSQ authors! Day 1

by Cheryl Wollner

Can’t wait to read more from LSQ’s authors? Waiting for your copy of The Best of Luna Station Quarterly to arrive on your doorstep? For a whole week we’ll be sharing additional gems from LSQ authors, celebrating all their writing achievements. Check out these publications by our authors who we certainly couldn’t get enough of. […]