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I Was a Teenage Twihard

by Jen Gheller

There’s been talk on the blog lately about romance and “strong female characters,” which got me thinking about a genre I was an avid fan of in high school. It all started when my mom took Twilight out from the library, and after that I was a frequenter of the “Teen Paranormal Romance” section at […]

Review: Shatterproof (Xen Sanders)

by E. Young

For this month, I wanted to do something a little different and look at a more womanist issue that’s close to my heart, and that is mental illness as it affects specifically black men & boys. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where black and brown bodies are villainized as we are seeing at an […]

Book Review: Hexbreaker

by Rebecca Buchanan

Title: Hexbreaker (Hexworld #1) Publisher: Widdershins Press LLC Author: Jordan L. Hawk Pages: 244 pp Price: $11.99 (paperback) / $4.99 (ebook) I have to confess: I love Jordan L Hawk’s books. I have not read a single one which did not completely enthrall me: great characters, terrific world-building, plenty of action, and lots of angsty romance. As such, […]

Book Review: Once Upon a Haunted Moor

by Rebecca Buchanan

Title: Once Upon a Haunted Moor (Tyack and Frayne Book One) Publisher: FoxTales Author: Harper Fox Pages: 86 pp Price: $2.99 Gideon Frayne is a Cornish police officer stationed in his tiny hometown of Dark. Dedicated to the protection of his friends and neighbors, he is also deeply in the closet. His last relationship ended badly because he could […]