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Nature: How to Use it For Your Writing

by Cheryl Wollner

Last week, I spent five days in the North Woods in Wisconsin. I spent five days in the North Woods in Wisconsin for work, leading and chaperoning twenty-three 14 and 15 year olds. Camp Manito-wish YMCA provides a 10 day leadership camp for the students I work with. It would be difficult to get more […]

Author Interview: Angela Pneuman

by KC Maguire

I’m so pleased to bring readers this interview with Angela Pneuman, writing teacher extraordinaire, and author of the recently released and critically acclaimed Lay It on My Heart. Here’s what Angela had to say when I asked her about the book, her other work and her approach to teaching and writing …. KC: Your debut […]

When to Reveal What Information to the Reader….

by KC Maguire

One thing many writers struggle with, especially in the young adult space, is when to reveal information to readers. Craft books and writing instructors will tell you that you shouldn’t necessarily reveal information until the reader needs to know it. Otherwise, you risk front-loading your story with too much exposition and bogging the reader down […]