The Blog is Back!

Hello, dearest readers!!! After a hiatus, the Luna Station Quarterly blog is BACK and full of fun and tricks. We’ve got some of your favorite bloggers in line to continue their wonderful reviews and excellent essays, some new faces to delve into amazing new topics such as women in Greek mythology, heroes, and fan fiction, and some new staff to meet and greet! So, put on your party hats and let’s get started!

Firstly, there’s a new blog team in town. Here’s the starting lineup: Anna O’Brien is our managing blog editor. She hails from central Maryland and drinks too much coffee. Linda Codega and Jen Gheller are our blog editors, coming at you from New York state and New Jersey, respectively. Linda loves modern media, and can be found working on her podcast or writing scripts. Jen is a fan of witches, faeries, and all things magical, which will be making frequent appearances in her posts. Good things happen in threes (we’re thinking Musketeers, not so much stooges or blind mice…). We aim to please, but, more importantly, are setting the bar to entertain, enlighten, and encourage, so if you have questions or comments or are interested in being a blogger, please let the team know.

Secondly, here’s what to expect. New posts will appear on weekday mornings. As we continue to grow, our post schedule likely will, as well. A well-known mix of reviews (old books! new books! graphic novels! more!), author interviews, and essays are what we have up our sleeves for starters. We’d also like to encourage community in this venue–have something to say? Post it in the comments section and let’s start a dialog. Fall in love with a blogger’s writing? Visit her author bio and catch up on her other work. Additionally, we’ll be delving deep into the Quarterly‘s current issue — here’s a plug to keep your peepers open for this Friday, December 1, as we release Issue 032 (more party hats) with Issue 032-specific interviews sprinkled over the coming weeks.

Thirdly, ah yes… social media. We continue to post news and fun gifs on Twitter (@lunaquarterly) and intrepidly step into the deep that is Instagram (@lunastationquarterly) and Facebook. Join us in the fun as we continue to build, so keep checking in for new content.

Finally, we’d like to thank our bloggers, Quarterly authors, staff, and readers for their understanding, support, and inspiring creativity that continues to foster a welcoming environment for female-identifying writers and their work. Let’s continue to push things forward and have some fun along the way. Won’t you join us?

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