Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of April 16, 2018

Rakicevic Nenad

Wonder Woman, shape-shifters, antiheroes, zines, and author interviews, oh my! We were busy this week on the LSQ blog. Don’t believe us? Check out all our content from this past week:

  • On Monday, Beth McCabe discussed a few of her favorite heroes on the silver screen and why James Cameron can kiss her ass in her column “Breakfast Anytime”;
  • On Tuesday, LSQ posted another interview with an Issue 033 author: Emily Lundgren. We talked to Emily about her short story “The Last Shaper and Witch City’s Waypoint“;
  • On Wednesday, Jennifer Karr talked about the quintessential antihero and why this character is so damn fascinating in her column “The Wordy One”;
  • On Thursday, blog editor Linda Codega (@_linfinn) gave us a peek into zine culture and what it has meant to the fanfic industry in her column “The Fandom Files”;
  • On Friday, blogger Wendy Van Camp (@wvancamp) shared an interview with YA fantasy author Scarlett Van Dijk (@scarlyrose), who discussed her Sky Stone series.

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