Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of April 29, 2019

How’s it going, dear readers? Ready for another weekly wrap-up where we showcase the posts that have appeared on our blog this week? Here we go . . .

  • On Monday, we welcomed back veteran LSQ blogger T.D. Walker with a new column about speculative poets;
  • On Tuesday, we interviewed Issue 037 author Ella Syverson about her short story “Call to Mind”;
  • On Wednesday, Tisdale Flannery visited with the Ace of Swords in her exploration of Tarot and its relation to writing in her monthly “Tea with Strangers” column;
  • On Thursday, Calee Jordan fan-girled over wildly un-plausible plots in her column “The Heart of the Genres”;
  • On Friday, ed-in-chief Jennifer Lyn Parsons celebrated Free Comic Book Day one day early (it’s today, Saturday!) so go out and get yourself some comics!

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