Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of August 20, 2018

Dearest readers! Welcome back for another weekly wrap-up where we showcase the posts that have graced the pages of our blog for the past week. Check out what you’ve missed:

  • On Monday, blogger Wendy Van Camp interviewed SFF author Karen Azinger;
  • On Tuesday, we welcomed our newest blogger to the LSQ family: Tiffany Meuret. Tuesday was her debut monthly column “Writing While Woman“;
  • On Wednesday, we posted an Issue 034 author interview of Kim Rei as she discussed her short story “Campfire Song”;
  • On Thursday, blogger Christina “DZA” Maria started a two-part series about tips to write romantic sub-plots into your novels;
  • On Friday, Christina shared Part Deux of her two-part series about romantic sub-plots.

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