Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of August 5, 2019

It’s been a good week here on the LSQ blog. Take a looksee at the awesome writing from our bloggers since Monday.

  • On Monday, we posted our monthly LSQ news flash;
  • On Tuesday, we interviewed Issue 038 author Jennifer Lee Rossman about her story “Pocketful of Souls“;
  • On Wednesday, Anna O’Keefe started a two-part series in her column “Fearless Thoughts” about photography as her muse;
  • On Thursday, Part 2 of “Fearless Thoughts” concluded Anna O’Keefe’s journey through depression and her salvation via creative writing;
  • On Friday, we interviewed LSQ blogger Suz Thackston about her column “Waifs, Wolves, & Warriors — Women in Greek Mythology.”

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